Direct Digital Controls

Energy conservation depends greatly on how well building heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are controlled to match occupant needs. In recent years, direct digital control (DDC) systems, which can easily and accurately control building HVAC systems, have become so cost-effective that they are replacing manual and electromechanical controls in retrofits, and are also being installed in many new buildings.

Carrier’s 3V Packaged Control System integrates electronically communicating DDC controls with world-class HVAC equipment to continually monitor and satisfy the varying comfort requirements of your building.

Regardless of your application, whether it’s an office building, school, hospital or mall, Carrier’s 3V Packaged Control System will deliver precise comfort.

  • Primary Controllers – VVT Zone Controller
  • Air Source Controllers – PremierLink
  • Other Controllers – VAV Fan Terminal Zone Controller
  • Dampers – Round Zone Dampers
  • Rectangular Zone Dampers
  • Other Interface Devices – ComfortVIEW, TeLINK
  • Sensors:
    • Supply air temperature sensor
    • Primary air temperature sensor
    • Base sensor w/override and setpoint adjust
    • Air quality (CO2) and space temperature sensor

Click here to see a demonstration of how easy it is to use the System Pilot to control your HVAC system.

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