Rebates & Specials

Rebates through Alliant Energy

For Alliant Energy residential customers in Iowa

Yes, you can afford to invest in energy efficiency. Zero percent financing for one year makes it possible. If you qualify, there are no loan fees, no points, no security liens and most importantly, no down payments. Plus, the application and approval process is easy and fast.

Do the math – see how much energy-efficient upgrades will reduce your monthly energy bill. The savings may very well pay your monthly loan payment – and then some.

In addition, your home may have a higher resale value. Any equipment qualifying for an Alliant Energy-IPL rebate is also eligible for low-interest financing. You can tailor your financial package to meet your needs, and you’ll benefit from lower energy costs for years to come.

2012 Iowa Residential Rebates Booklet

Available Federal, Local and Utility Energy Efficiency Incentives

The systems you now use or choose to have installed may qualify for energy effficiency savings.

Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

Click Here to learn which investments and improvements qualify for up to hundreds of dollars in tax rebates.

Additional State, Local and Utility Incentives

Click Here or on the image below and then on your state to learn about additional energy savings for which you may qualify.

Focus on Energy Cash Rewards

Natural Gas (Propane and Oil not eligible) Furnaces that have an AFUE above 95.0% and an ECM blower motor are eligible for a * $275 cash-back reward from the Focus on Energy Home and Water Heating Program.

Natural Gas (Propane and Oil not eligible) Boilers that have an AFUE above 95.0% and a modulating burner are eligible for a * $400 cash-back reward from the Focus on Energy Home and Water Heating Program.

* Click here to see qualifying models and details on this incentive

Eastern Iowa REC Rebate Program

All rebates are mutually exclusive and at the discretion of the Cooperative. All rebates less than $100 will be credited to the member’s electric bill. Members must apply for rebates with six months of the purchase date (as shown on the member’s invoice.) Past eligibility, however, does not guarantee that equipment will meet criteria for current programs in effect.

Download Rebate Forms on Various Equipment Here

MidAmerican Energy Rebates

MidAmerican Energy’s EnergyAdvantage® Residential Equipment program offers rebates to Iowa customers who purchase and install qualifying heating, cooling and water heating equipment and qualifying appliances fueled by natural gas and/or electricity supplied directly by MidAmerican Energy. Rebates are available for newly installed energy-efficient:

  • Natural gas furnaces, boilers or water heaters
  • Air-to-air, add-on or ground-source heat pumps
  • Central or window air conditioners
  • Electric water heaters
  • Furnace fan motors
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Appliances

Rebate amounts vary depending on energy efficiency ratings of specific models.

Request a SAVE Rating

A new high-efficiency heating or cooling system is a big investment, so make sure it’s performing properly by asking for a SAVE rating from your contractor. SAVE stands for System Adjustment and Verification for Efficiency. A SAVE rating goes above and beyond the standard installation by having Air Control measure the performance of your new unit after it’s installed. The SAVE rating ensures that your new investment is performing properly and adding comfort to your home. Call us at 563-243-7228 to get your SAVE rating.

Competitive Interest Rate Financing Option

MidAmerican Energy and First American Bank have teamed up to offer competitive interest rates on loans to purchase certain eligible equipment for your home. A six month same-as-cash option also is available. Iowa customers may choose the rebate or a financing option, but not both.

Program Brochures

If you’re planning a purchase of or have recently purchased qualifying equipment, print and complete the rebate application. A separate rebate application is required for ground-source heat pump, water heater and window air conditioner purchases.