Residential Maintenance Agreements

Heating and cooling systems have a way of breaking down when the weather is at its worst – on the coldest night of a frigid winter or during a sizzling summer heatwave: times when your comfort system must work the hardest and when you need it most. A Planned Maintenance Program helps avoid breakdowns, protects and prolongs the life of your equipment.

Pre-Season Check-Ups:

With a Planned Maintenance Program, your comfort system is inspected and serviced prior to the peak heating and cooling seasons. As a result, your system provides many additional years of reliable service.

Prolong the Life of your Equipment:

A Planned Maintenance Program operates under the theory that “an ounce of prevention is wortha pound of cure”. It is systematic maintenance that corrects minor problems before they can grow into costly emergencies. Your Planned Maintenance Program is tailored exactly to your own heating / cooling equipment.

Energy Savings:

With regularly scheduled maintenance, your unit is certain to operate more efficiently and with much less power consumption. Clean air filters assure maximum air flow while unrestricted indoor and outdoor coils make heat transfer easier.

Prompt Service:

Breakdowns become a remote possibility, but should you ever need service, you get it FAST. Customers holding service agreements receive priority over those who do not.